Mill Valley Literary Review, since 2012. Issue #19.

Ezra Pound, as Teddy Bear, in Paris shop window.
Photo: Susanna Solomon.

September 2020 Issue #19 features:

Susanna Solomon’s short fiction“The Teddy Bear”final Parisian story in our debut of three.

Beat Scrapbook—Gerald Nicosia’s latest book of Post-Beat poetry, reviewed by Jeff Kaliss.

Drew Stofflet’s “Dark and Sooty.” A creative Wine, Wine, and Song review.  “…the musical landscape of early 1970s-era Davis was a different sort of stalker music, like a lion or tiger was in the room, or just outside of it, in the alley, peering through the window with burning eyes.”

James Doyle’s classic poetics DRAGONSBANE and KOSMOLOGI. Poetry Review by Jeff Kaliss.

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Explore  Susanna Solomon’s fantastical musings through Parisian imagination and delight. Three short stories by one of Marin County’s own and our former correspondent. The time-bending “The Clock” , the ghostly “Shakespeare & Company” and Twilight-Zone-esque “The Teddy Bear.”

In The SceneZOOM readings live. S.F. Public Library presented “Harlem of the West: The San Francisco Fillmore Jazz Era.”